brave souls (fly together)

bird inside

Been a nervy week. The chicks were out of sorts, our routine shifted with the tide. It didn’t seem I had come to the right place at the right time? At home, in the cupboard the gin bottle was disappointingly dry. Rain poured from the sky, out of nowhere onto the building and the brown garden soaked it all in. Glorious rain for a little while. Wet grass again, and mud on my toes. The beach went all gloomy, the sea breezy, warm and purple on the horizon. Plans went awry, days moved fast to snoring… then the weekend came. She called the father chick- come home, fast, to the nest.

3 wonders.

1. shared time with loved ones.
2. gentle health professionals.
3. brave souls ( everyone has one of these).

Fur or feather, we are in this together.
Fur or feather, our flight is together.

On reading, commitment and ‘having time’: today.

On reading, commitment and 'having time': my weekly wonders.

Since I wrote my last blog post on the 3 wonders of that day, I’ve thought on many other days, what would my 3 wonders be today?


1. Reading

Such a wonder.  I have a new reader in my house and he is making sense of sounds in language and following symbols on the page, feeling pleasure in the sense of it and frustration when a sentence doesn’t run like well rehearsed music.

At night this week, I am sneaking to bed early because I’m having a great love affair with the novel Burial Rites by Hannah Kent.

burial rites at night

My grandfather, Gumboot preached, “read at least half an hour a day of fiction because it is good for you”.  Agreed.

2.  Commitment

This is about goals and about veracity.  There is much uncertainty in commitment to a cause or a relationship or being true to yourself.  I think commitment can be damaged.

As a wonder in my day, I’ve imagined commitment as stone,  some bits crumbled and chipped away at.  New stones can restore a stone wall.  The same stones can be used to build something quite different.

So my metaphorical “wall”, is a novel draft, and drafted again.  What’s your “wall”?  A health goal, are you experiencing a relationship shake?

Commitment then is about reinforcing the value you place on something continually (for me it is writing a novel with a deadline).  I’m writing every day now, with that commitment in mind.  It has taken a long while to build to this.

Age, wear and tear, or misuse can make stones tumble.  Commitments to goals, relationships; there are crushing moments along with the heartening.  They are foundations to build upon.  Stronger the next time.  Each stone replaced in a better place to succeed in restoring the wall, how you like it.

I pledge commitment to the goal of having the manuscript as polished as I can by May 31st, 2014.  Wobble wobble.

3.  Time


There are pockets of time in the day for everything that you want to do.


You can find time early in the morning before sunrise to write.


Even walk before breakfast.

Tickety Tock.  I’m regularly using the alarm on my clock to see the purple light of the morn’!



I hope your wonders are plentiful today.