This is a soft reading nook with a rugged view out over a sea cliff.  Take the cushioned seat with the shaft of sunlight over it.  Let your shoulders drop.  There are sweet and briny wefts of words to discover here.  Dip into those wild places and bring to life an island that is raw, living and grounded.  This article was touted a ‘best read’ by several of those who inspired it!  5 secret signs you are a Superwoman

There are many wonderful ways to connect with the natural world.  Like jogging a trail through the national park (lunging high over tiger snakes) and poking about on the coast with curious children.  Its my ambition to be able to conjure up that connection simply with words.  This is the essence of me!

Imagine drone footage of me on an isolated coastline with my young boys dipping in and out of the waves.  I’m day dreaming about being a tribal women, collecting moon stones and foraging for edible seaweed…

I’m currently writing adult fiction that is from a contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal perspective.  There’s a lot of ocean and some spunky characters who are ripe for love and sorting out their place in the changing economic and social landscape of Tasmania.  Keep posted for my progress on this editing process, its been a couple of years of tender hard love keeping this up, but there is headway (and hope 😉 ).


I’ve been a recipient of the WD Booth and Island Magazine Emerging Writer Mentorship Program in 2014,  and have a published short story in the digitial ether from years back; abc radio national audio production of ‘Sandbank’.  Also plenty of online brand/ business content and a few feature articles, such as with the magazine Sports Diving Australia (inspired by a true diving adventure in WA) and a cover story I did for a past employer.

This is another thing that I get excited about and have brought to life:

Feast of Wild Air, booking site for nature based tours in Tasmania.

If you’re in the market for a wordsmith for your business or community project I can possibly help out.  Email lucylivingtasmania@gmail.com for an experienced copy writer, brand story teller and social media mogul.

Here are a few examples of work I did for Tourism Tasmania:

Discover Tasmania Articles and here Virgin Australia, Tasmania campaign.

“We have received new client leads from Lucy’s online content (social media management)” atr Accountants, Tasmania.

Call me for creative collaborations 0400 471 981.




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