one year of blogging taught me this about social media


Shame on you for showing up on social media, or feeling as though you have to.  There are irks that have come with a blog- a- bit life.  Can I post or retweet ‘my kind of’ link without coming off as a narcissist?  I teeter on the edge of the comments section, grappling with the exhibition of my words.  This unduly sharing tool, sickly sweet sometimes.  Like a crap collector other days.  Gems of information and opportunity stuck in cyberspace like mud on shoes. And lots of us, bug -eyed in the screen light.

Social media is a digital wonderland of cringe-worthy moments from your past and other peoples lives.  There’s heaps of old words twittering around earth, bouncing off revolving stars.  It doesn’t matter if its pointless, right?  Embrace it.  Manage it.  Use social media as a business platform or an organisation tool, if it suits you.  Communicate with friends easily when you need it. Tweet for good cause and share loveliness BUT make it original.  Make it laughable, however shit or how- ever flippin’ fabulous you get your words out.  Blogging has got my digital perspective out of the box and keeps me tossing its value over, again in my head.  Out with the compost some days, goes better scraps.

Dip Falls, North West Tasmania. LTaylor.
Dip Falls, North West Tasmania. L Taylor

My time OUTSIDE is strongly linked to my most shareable moments blogged and written about in all realms.  The island Tasmania, I call home is like a never ending paddock of fodder for my well-being and creativity.  Its really nice to have places that rumble inside you.  Somewhere you know you can go to, so that when you come back to the everyday grind you are a fresh brewed version of yourself.   I have friends who worship Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, remarking it is such a place.  The Alpine air is ENRICHED with otherworldly goodness.  Other magic places at home are just around the coastal corner, The Edge of the World and deep south, Bruny Island is bursting with so much lively activity it’s hard not to get revved up.


Narawampatu National Park. L Taylor 2014.
Winter sunshine like medicine at Narawampatu National Park. L Taylor 2014.


It’s been a year since I began Lucy’s Living Guide.  It’s a nice place to make my own word trail when I’m not OUTSIDE or attempting to tip the scale in balance of more writing, less domestic distraction.  I do words in other places too.  Like work for Tourism Tasmania, Niche Ignite and various magazines and publications.  If you need a Creative Writer, get in contact for a quote. Pass it on xx

And thanks for reading 🙂


Author: Lucy Taylor

Explorer of writing and place, with roots in the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania. Mother of wild boys, and wife of another. Blogging for another place to write about things that interest me and guide me. Also working on a novel and available for freelance copywriting in spare moments.

4 thoughts on “one year of blogging taught me this about social media”

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Saw you walking the dog down the hill a couple of nights/mornings ago. We semi-waved – I was trying not to crash the car at the same time as semi-waving. Always a good idea I find. (Not crashing the car, I mean.) You may have been trying to control the dog while semi-waving. Always a good……….. (Otherwise you might end up in Court, like what I did.)

    Anyway, good luck with Year Two of Blogging. At least you haven’t done a Pol Pot and re-set all time to that of your own. Brother Number 1 put everything back to Year Zero from the time of initial power. Nasty git. We forget his and his clique’s narcissism. He might have loved Social Media. I wonder what sort of traffic V. Putin gets? I know there are fair maidens in skimpy T-shirts who are paid to literally sing his praises at election time in order to lift his popularity. Sorry, I should have written “election” time. That’s bound to boost it. The skimpy T-shirts, not the parentheses.

    I have no problem with social media as I use none of it and do not want to. But this. This is my first ever comment on a blog or anything for that matter. I can’t see it catching on.



    1. You make me laugh Dave 🙂 I’m highly impressed you’ve appeared on the radar ( and now possibly off again ) for this blog comment! I’ve been a bit light on the social media as the new blogging year has dawned, but it seems to suck me back in always for more writing. A blog is a nice way to present words and pics… Never say never? You might publish some of those superb icy mountain shots from the back of Cradle and beyond in such a place? See you roadside, the beach another day.


  2. Thanks Spanny, just watched a vimeo (and tweeted it, see above on this page), that says “self is an illusion” which takes some punch out of the term “narcissist’. Something to think about!


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