Exquisite enough, already?

A living guide has got to have some new ideas.

Here are a few words and images about non- yogic mediation, exquisite moments and seeking wild spaces daily.


Ain’t no Living Guide without ideas.

Ideas about how to make exquisite moments, more often.

Ideas for peaceful meditations (in a suitable summery location… or be it snow right now).

Ideas for wanderer’s who need the outside air to really breathe.

This is a reminder about the little wonders to practice in your living.  Just by reading this, I think you’ll fill back up a bit.

The make more exquisite moments plan for you starts here, on this screen.  Tap into your Pinterest account, or Google “Exquisite”.  Take a moment to see what appears and resonates with you.  Might be a natural phenomenon, exquisite fashion, or tantalising food.  Audrey Hepburn, of all elegant sorts has been quoted, “I believe everyday you should have at least one exquisite moment.”  And if she says so, then crikey damn it, seek this moment of the exquisite.  She had an element of it, but it goes beyond a particular preconception.  Review your own natural grace.  Inhabit an idea of your exquisite- esque self daily, it’s there already.  Maybe it just needs the covers off.


Next plan involves a meditation.  It doesn’t actually have to be a cross-legged yogic move, though there is always time worthy of getting limber.  This meditation is simply about finding that elusive peaceful moment (this is just you honed in on nothing, no online connections…).  Picture this… Hot sun, soft grass, absent children (might just be a light bulb moment when you switch on to yourself).  Instead of waste this precious time on worrying about the woeful lack of this precious time.  Or having an overwhelming desire to share your moment, calling someone back or something like that.  Just BREATHE.  And think about how nice it feels.  For as long as it feels nice.  Let yourself have this nice peaceful moment, a mediation if you like for as long as you can.  This is rare people, and divine.  Lead yourselves to this spot.

Another calm REMINDER for the wanderer’s who love the deep blue sea and the wide skies and canopies of thick brush over their petal dripped hair-do’s.  Honour the urge.  Its vital if you ask me.  Like some get vitamins from a gossip update with their maties, and others go bush/oceanic or offline.  If you can make this outside date daily, get out there, find a trail or wave if only for half an hour.  If that’s not possible, make it every other day.  Seek and you shall find, the exquisite, peaceful and wild spaces outside of the usual cacophony of life daily- served with your grind.

The Magic Beach

One Weekend in Tasmania- The fit and beautiful!

Not what you would expect in the hamlet of Sisters Beach, NW Tasmania the day after Christmas, but then this is the work of the hula lass and a bunch of fitness fanatics. Oh, this looks like fun! It’s been done before; it will be done again. The Boxing Day Sports, attracting a stellar line up of our regions greatest athletes uncovers hidden strength, agility and pizazz. Cheer on the playful peeps from our patch.

Have a giggle watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CeJk7d4WZE