They’re Wild, Tasmanian and Free!

It’s all here.  At the end of the road, you know the trail.  In sight the mountain top is only deep breaths away.  The ocean, thumping in the periphery, is too cold for the timid.  It will take your breath away.  Wake you up.  Stop fluffing around, explorers!  Make a change to your weekend in Tasmania.  This place is in the international game.  We’re hot on the agenda, fresh on the press.  Clean.  Cut.



And if you are tied down with your own young explorer’s, make your free moments sing. Make nature- based family memories – as well as those comforting soft times at home.  It’s love that counts, that’s all.

What’s rolling this weekend?



Honestly, Winter days

 Honestly, Winter days.

Make a bonfire

I’ve been in the thicket of my patch this week, pruning wildly.  Feeling sore muscles from an earlier boot camp session flare up.  Wearing spider webs and tree debris as I traipse from bed to my growing winter bonfire in leather boots.  My late grandfather in-laws’ old hack saw, worn in my hand takes to large branches and secateurs ride out of my tight jean pocket.  I dodge the dogs shit and low-lying branches with tree limbs and fingers of native shrub spike into my bare skin.

winter at the beach rivals summer
Its one of the best things I’ve done these past weeks – build that bonfire with clippings. Physicality, I’ve realised is so often hidden in blankets, coats and a moody fug at this time of the year.

Frost under foot on the grass began to crunch louder.  Fierce wind in the built up natural wind barriers around our home roared and we took shelter indoors, sunlight came like warm liquid poured all over me.  Cries and laughter from my boys at home penetrated layers both rendering me happy, sometimes deeply frustrated.  Outside of home, fine winter nights with wine and deep conversation fuel an inner fire.  It is these things that I notice now.

How winter finds me in solitary moments, tries to define me bereft of something.

Call on Spring with a show of Jonquils on the table.
 The imprint from what I do these winter days feels transparent, like the leaves yet to rebud in the orchard.  Just a trickle of devotion runs through me.  My living hums offbeat, quietly in the top corners of the coast.  These are honestly, winter days.  You can get more sad at this time of the year.  Cold.

So, how to build a bonfire to see you through to the end of winter (metaphorically speaking)?

1.  Dwell in winter.  Explore the darkest, deepest depths of it.  Notice the frost and be frightened by the twister that made a gnarly path close by your home in a rogue storm.  Be present for it. That’s all, just chill.

2.  Collect sticks that have fallen in the storm, build a thin layer over some scrunched up paper.  Thin twigs go at the bottom with a couple of thicker sticks on top and light’er up.  Fire lighter’s make life easier with damp wood, or a bit of diesel (careful)!

3.  Make friends with your beanie.  You look hot.

4.  Get familiar with your local events calendar and brave the elements.  Rock on through to Spring.

5.  Unhinge your stiff limbs.  Get them warmed up by moving them.

6.  Cuddle.


Winter is after all, nearly over.







5 secret signs you are a Superwoman

SS_blog pic

Love of Place

Women with a passion for their homes, gardens and the greater community and landscape around them are super charged with a sense of pride.  This extends to greater care for visitors to their home or ‘place’.  More careful food choices for the communal table; like greens from the garden or a local producer are the norm.  Many superwomen are green thumbs or love going bush.  They know some native flora, even recognise resident fauna that visit their patch.

These super ladies often exhibit local fashion; adorned with beads and hang a friends print on their living room wall.  This love of place also presents a personal dimension to issues related to the environment; whether it be the necessity of a thermo- mix in the home kitchen to grind the excessive rocket to pesto, or debating the allocation of precious wilderness to mining in the back hills.  Both topics might bring about emotive arguments.  Stomped feet to the ground.  For the Tarkine!  You might hear one shout.

Creativity (behind closed doors) or out loud.

It’s a little piece of wonder when one of your contemporaries emerges from their home into the public eye with something home- made.  Be it a new pocket smock dress, a rich family recipe Christmas cake or resin bead jewellery; it’s always bloody brilliant.  This is the realm of a super woman.  They don’t flaunt; only do their best and are quietly stoked about how it all came together.

Superwomen don’t bat out of their league, they are champions by getting out on the field.

Even runny cherry jam is beautiful in a tart.  Lopsided hemlines, reminiscent of cat-walk trends.

Working Class Woman

A super woman finds value in a working world, with a steeliness about her ‘work’ ways. For superwomen, adaptability when faced with the conflicting demands of parenthood versus career ambition comes naturally over time.  A super woman knows where the needle rests on her own scales.  She often plummets desperately in one direction then immediately rebalances herself. Parenting is a wobbly lifestyle and a working one at that.

The super working woman evokes images of a frontier woman; wielding an iron fire poker, surrounded by exuberant children with animals to feed and threads to mend.

A contemporary image is more fuzzy with woman reimagining parenting, freedom at work and children in arranged care.  Many still tend to fierce loving values at home and some grab rare moments to make work of their own from this same family space.  Either way there is super power in women who reign their decision to work; and to parent or not to parent at all; living well in rich soils.

Superwomen have accomplices.

Superwomen learn from really listening, spending real time with others and intimately knowing other women within and beyond their familial ties.  Collected moments add layers to friendships and small kind gestures are common trade.  Accomplices are like good spirits that can top up your glass; give you a warm buzz; soothe you when you are weary.  Superwomen are good friends and surrounded by such.

Men are wonderful accomplices for super woman too; of course.  Sweet lovin’ helps bind the best mates, but then there is also good chat. Words spoken with no boundaries; opinions, dreams.

Accomplices are like nectar for super women.

Mind over matter; matters.

Super women wear their strengths like an invisible tool belt for success.  Many have a knack for pulling out words that have healing properties, to soothe others.  Some have such clever minds that they can make scientific discoveries or study new topics to aid health or give momentum to the business world, and others pick up the pieces with superb skills in service.

They may carry totemic words of wisdom “top of mind” and ensure their bodies are well fuelled and fit giving them a perceived capability that really does carry them through their tasks, even leaving enough energy to assist others.  Super women also know by heart, how best to nurture themselves.

Superwomen exude a power that works magic into their day to day lives.

Note from the author:

Share any Super woman ingredients that you know add up. Below the gallery, if you please!  This is coming from observations of a 30 something woman in Tasmania.  There are great oceans of unique people and places; maybe some exotic ingredients would add flavour to this mix?  Love to read some ideas from all.