Being ‘deeply’ seen.



It is the year 2015 and I’m in love with this year.  And that is not because it has been a particularly lucky year, a prosperous year, nor has it been my most memorable year to date.  There has not been any intense life defining moments, like the birth of a child or a career change.  It has simply been months of time like turned pages in an novel.  One that I’ve spent some time reading passages of, making sure I’m in sync with the narrative.  Making sense of the day to day and being thankful for the ordinary.

Status Update: this morning I went for a run into the Rocky Cape National Park, from the Sisters Beach boat ramp inland, past the Doone Falls turn-off and onto the untouched sand of Anniversary Bay on low tide.  It was an hour of BREATHING, blood pulsing and scrub sounds in the periphery of my twittering thoughts.  There were meditative moments, but I was surprised at how much my head rambled with other stuff and feet hurt.

I was more numb than I would’ve liked to be, alone in the muted- green rolling landscape with the foreboding wind of a low front pushing me from behind.  My solo presence did bring me closer to many birds going about their morning flight.  I had eye contact with a Robin red breast and low flying Pacific gull.  Did a yoga stretch on the sand, alongside feathered friends.  Wiggled my cold feet one at a time, balancing on the shoreline and ran like a mad thing back to the car.

With lunch, I watched Brene` Brown on YouTube.  There are a few TED talks I’ve been checking out, as recommended on Brain Pickings.  So I sucked back a Chai and thought about ‘honouring the ordinary’, as inspired by her words, something I’ve nattered about with my sister before in general conversation and probably also here.  Us saying ‘yer think?’ about how it’s nice to elevate everyday moments in photography and art in general.  And Brene`, pronounced with the same sound as Renee if you’re wondering, is a researcher who looks at how humans numb fear and pain in place of allowing vulnerability to be seen.  Her analysis suggests that we can not numb one emotion exclusively, so when we numb eg. fear, we are also numbing joy.  We numb with medication, food and booze to name a few?  Exercise endorphins too?

It got me thinking back to my status update (which I did not post to FB because I’m too vulnerable? for that?), about running in the bush and along the empty beach, feeling a bit numb and sore in spots, and ordinary when I might have preferred some kind of spiritual renaissance of ‘my persona’ in that wild and wonderful place.  Nah, but it was beautiful.  It always is having that space and connection to the elements, only I might better celebrate my vulnerability, living with it.

Tan framed with morning cuppa


Exquisite enough, already?

A living guide has got to have some new ideas.

Here are a few words and images about non- yogic mediation, exquisite moments and seeking wild spaces daily.


Ain’t no Living Guide without ideas.

Ideas about how to make exquisite moments, more often.

Ideas for peaceful meditations (in a suitable summery location… or be it snow right now).

Ideas for wanderer’s who need the outside air to really breathe.

This is a reminder about the little wonders to practice in your living.  Just by reading this, I think you’ll fill back up a bit.

The make more exquisite moments plan for you starts here, on this screen.  Tap into your Pinterest account, or Google “Exquisite”.  Take a moment to see what appears and resonates with you.  Might be a natural phenomenon, exquisite fashion, or tantalising food.  Audrey Hepburn, of all elegant sorts has been quoted, “I believe everyday you should have at least one exquisite moment.”  And if she says so, then crikey damn it, seek this moment of the exquisite.  She had an element of it, but it goes beyond a particular preconception.  Review your own natural grace.  Inhabit an idea of your exquisite- esque self daily, it’s there already.  Maybe it just needs the covers off.


Next plan involves a meditation.  It doesn’t actually have to be a cross-legged yogic move, though there is always time worthy of getting limber.  This meditation is simply about finding that elusive peaceful moment (this is just you honed in on nothing, no online connections…).  Picture this… Hot sun, soft grass, absent children (might just be a light bulb moment when you switch on to yourself).  Instead of waste this precious time on worrying about the woeful lack of this precious time.  Or having an overwhelming desire to share your moment, calling someone back or something like that.  Just BREATHE.  And think about how nice it feels.  For as long as it feels nice.  Let yourself have this nice peaceful moment, a mediation if you like for as long as you can.  This is rare people, and divine.  Lead yourselves to this spot.

Another calm REMINDER for the wanderer’s who love the deep blue sea and the wide skies and canopies of thick brush over their petal dripped hair-do’s.  Honour the urge.  Its vital if you ask me.  Like some get vitamins from a gossip update with their maties, and others go bush/oceanic or offline.  If you can make this outside date daily, get out there, find a trail or wave if only for half an hour.  If that’s not possible, make it every other day.  Seek and you shall find, the exquisite, peaceful and wild spaces outside of the usual cacophony of life daily- served with your grind.

The Magic Beach

Lost the ‘Spring’ in your step?

bird flight


Spring is back.  Its written in petals across the countryside and carried like a twig in a nesting swallows beak.  Only there is a chilly thought.  You might not be at the top of your game?  Doubt swoops overhead like an unwelcome cloud, giving your exposed skin goosebumps, a dark moment in an otherwise sunny day.

When in doubt of your “spring” vibe, take a leaf from someone else’s book.

I’ve got a soft spot for writing (surprise!) and there are some influential women who praise journalling and mediation for clearing your mind of cluttered thought processes and finding some clear intentions to move forward with.  One such person I’ve stumbled across on instagram is The Little Sage (have a look).  She is of the “new age” and spreads a magical vibe with her classy intentional teachings and mindfulness prompts.  Nice things to hone in on when you have an otherwise occupied mind with a busy work or family life.  I’ve often picked up a pen to journal lately, setting new goals with the “new moon”, in this case, as The Little Sage suggested.

Another great “spring” step reviver IS RUNNING!  Don’t run away…

It really can be a game changer for beautifying your life, giving real spring to your step.  It is highly motivating to feel individual muscles activated and becoming stronger and it is not just about fitness, or losing weight, or achieving a goal.  I’m convinced it is to do with the heavy breathing.  Its not pretty when you are at the height of running pain but if you persist and let go, listening to your body, not your (sometimes toxic) thoughts it can take you to raspy meditative places.  My tip.  Run on an off-road trail.  I run here like many others, by a river and through ferns. Most days I see platypus while heavy panting.

spring light

And another thing… You have got to take it easy on yourself because sometimes your footsteps might be a bit sore (from all the running) or your ‘care factor’ a bit light on from all the floaty calm meditative thoughts lifting you higher than cloud nine… Remember its Spring.  Blame your cool change on the seasonal weather, one minute its balmy, the next reminiscent of late winter.  There are seasons after all for all manner of things.

I hope this finds you with Spring in your step!



P.S These are my photo’s,if you’d like to use them please drop me a line.