How do you want to feel this Summer?

So, I got an email from this woman a couple of days ago and I liked the idea of her motivation to share around “how you want to feel this summer.”  There were some nice ideas on her pinterest page that her email linked to, but it was “her” story, not mine.  It made me wonder if I could do a blog post, that emanated the kind of feeling I wish for this summer.  Could it be a feeling that resonated with others?

Tell me if you get it?

The crazy thing is you and I know everybody has a unique perception of good living and that is the most wonderful thing.

Here is a summery feel, wrapped up in a short vimeo moment.  There are notions of good health, sunshine and being carefree in this vimeo clip below.  I just LOVE these bathers!


My family, each one of them, are a strong element in my living.  Fire, air, water and earth.  They are a part of me that at another level is lovingly felt in my deepest self, and I hopefully am in the most loving way, associated with the same vibe.  I wish for that feeling to remain strong this summer and always.

Oh, the freedom though!!  Of these spunky gals on their long boards ripping up Mexico.  Long lithe legs and dashing ocean wear…  Just being in a moment, so strong, beautiful and light, is surely a feeling that not only I could aspire to, this Summer!

Do you read me, wild women?