Lost the ‘Spring’ in your step?

bird flight


Spring is back.  Its written in petals across the countryside and carried like a twig in a nesting swallows beak.  Only there is a chilly thought.  You might not be at the top of your game?  Doubt swoops overhead like an unwelcome cloud, giving your exposed skin goosebumps, a dark moment in an otherwise sunny day.

When in doubt of your “spring” vibe, take a leaf from someone else’s book.

I’ve got a soft spot for writing (surprise!) and there are some influential women who praise journalling and mediation for clearing your mind of cluttered thought processes and finding some clear intentions to move forward with.  One such person I’ve stumbled across on instagram is The Little Sage (have a look).  She is of the “new age” and spreads a magical vibe with her classy intentional teachings and mindfulness prompts.  Nice things to hone in on when you have an otherwise occupied mind with a busy work or family life.  I’ve often picked up a pen to journal lately, setting new goals with the “new moon”, in this case, as The Little Sage suggested.

Another great “spring” step reviver IS RUNNING!  Don’t run away…

It really can be a game changer for beautifying your life, giving real spring to your step.  It is highly motivating to feel individual muscles activated and becoming stronger and it is not just about fitness, or losing weight, or achieving a goal.  I’m convinced it is to do with the heavy breathing.  Its not pretty when you are at the height of running pain but if you persist and let go, listening to your body, not your (sometimes toxic) thoughts it can take you to raspy meditative places.  My tip.  Run on an off-road trail.  I run here like many others, by a river and through ferns. Most days I see platypus while heavy panting.

spring light

And another thing… You have got to take it easy on yourself because sometimes your footsteps might be a bit sore (from all the running) or your ‘care factor’ a bit light on from all the floaty calm meditative thoughts lifting you higher than cloud nine… Remember its Spring.  Blame your cool change on the seasonal weather, one minute its balmy, the next reminiscent of late winter.  There are seasons after all for all manner of things.

I hope this finds you with Spring in your step!



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