living before eating

Tasmania has the best grown produce in the world.


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There’s a beautiful geographical advantage to Tasmanian farm sourced food. The ocean rumbles around the edge of the island locking the land away from pest and disease more easily than most places. Its a natural advantage for containing what is already pure on this great slice of mountain with fertile valleys and grassy plains. Water now comes into dry spots by irrigation schemes and in other areas trickles constantly from fern fronds into ancient dark waterways. The colonial history is only fresh. The indigenous story retold and imagined, rich and vast with food gathered over ices ages and stories written in caves so deep in the wilderness that very few eyes, let alone a rough hand has ever touched the quiet places.

The briny wind ruffles the grass and taints the meat of grazing stock; enriches the milk for the dairy. The volcanic soils are succulent fields for produce.  Deep rooted food jewels are raised in it. There are so many intricacies to the land in Tasmania.  The farms and garden plots by the back door are lovingly tended by worn palms, in another time it might have been managed with a fire stick. Old homesteads with antique trinkets are now places bursting with new stories and the face of farming, food and agricultural industry is seeing brisk change.  Its an irresistible island growing the best food produce around, you only have to taste it.

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