love a list? the ultimate list of all lists

Many people are ‘list makers’ and not all of them, control freaks.  I think lists are imperative for living less hurriedly.  They give the bearer of a pen and paper, time to visualise small wins in their day-to-day living.  My favourite place to write a list is on the back of a recently opened envelope that might have held some outdated correspondence you’ve already read, replied to and deleted from your email inbox.

A silly example. Current lists in my handbag are a mess of scribbles and renovation notes.

Bin the mail, turn the envelope over and flatten with the palm of your writing hand for a neat slim writing space.  Lists, in my experience as a regular ‘maker’ of such human constructs, can overflow.  An unguarded moment may blacken your page with a torrent of domestic imperfections.  The back of your envelope can prevent such a malady with words limited to the empty space between folds.  This recycled office essential, allows list lovers to concentrate on what is achievable with just the right amount of space to unload some chores on to.  Let the written word, ease your burden with the perfect list.

My perfect list, written for a sunny day at home.  Inspired by a solid Spring of rainfall on the coast of our island.

* Strip all the beds and drape layers of bedding over the hills hoist and deck for a dry airing; and sleep deeper overnight.

* Get down on the ground and check seedlings in the veggie patch for fatalities, plant a pot of asian greens and fill a barrow with weeds.  In two months there will be home-grown grub in the salad bowl.

* Open up every window in the house, shed doors and vehicles too.  Spray lubricant over bike chains and imagine the smooth motion that now comes with your peddles has also cleared grit from inside the home and slickened every surface.  Any lurking doubts or disagreements in the shadows might be sucked out the windows and swept out the door.

* Find a breeze-less, sun-filled place; pull up a chair and a cup of tea.  Let warmth seep inside and close your eyes for ten minutes (at least).

* Fill a vase with fresh flowers.  If not from the garden, from a roadside stall or the market.  Lift your space with a floral scent.

* Give animals some love.  Throw a stick with young dog.  Chat with feral cat.  They love the sound of human voices and always speak back.  Mimic a bird call in the backyard for fun.

Here comes the sun. Keen eyes might spot an early bird.



moving on



Ripping up roots and relocating to new soil is my NOW.  We have moved house, from the beautiful low hills of a valley to meet the salty winds of a hilltop.  New beginnings are enlivening.  Our days are full lists made up of unusual tasks that hint at trying to restore some kind of family normality. Clear the dust; undo.  Really all that matters it that animals and restless bodies are fed and clothed but these things don’t go on lists.  This is the new normal and everything is falling into place.  Slowly finding a groove.  We build and arrange to create, once all inhabitants with our odd trinkets are intact- a home.

moving fists 3

hill view


One Weekend in Tasmania- Lee’s Paddocks

Wet and wild weekends may be flooding the Spring in Tasmania though hardy souls traipse on.  They blaze trails and make a celebration, where otherwise nature and loneliness roar alone.  Loudly and soft- footed into Lee’s Paddocks.  Cattle once hoofed here and were herded by horse.  Now grass might grow seeds.  Hannah and a crowd group together for a birthday- out- bush.  She even does the hula.  She loves it.