One Weekend in Tasmania- Kate Reed MTB Tracks

Wild terrain abounds in Tasmania.  Many tracks through it are being made fit for mountain bike events, right across the state (check out the new Dial Ranges trail on the central coast).  Other lesser known slices in the bush thicket, slink about the outskirts of towns and down by the riverbanks.  Some double as forestry tracks and others belong to a farmer, or are a wallaby cleared downhill run to a water source.  Pick a track, get your wheels on and have a Spring mountain biking blast.  One weekend- this one?  A hula- lady friend did, taking the track near the Silverdome in Launceston; check her out here.



Author: Lucy Taylor

Explorer of writing and place, with roots in the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania. Mother of wild boys, and wife of another. Blogging for another place to write about things that interest me and guide me. Also working on a novel and available for freelance copywriting in spare moments.

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