moving on



Ripping up roots and relocating to new soil is my NOW.  We have moved house, from the beautiful low hills of a valley to meet the salty winds of a hilltop.  New beginnings are enlivening.  Our days are full lists made up of unusual tasks that hint at trying to restore some kind of family normality. Clear the dust; undo.  Really all that matters it that animals and restless bodies are fed and clothed but these things don’t go on lists.  This is the new normal and everything is falling into place.  Slowly finding a groove.  We build and arrange to create, once all inhabitants with our odd trinkets are intact- a home.

moving fists 3

hill view



Author: Lucy Taylor

Explorer of writing and place, with roots in the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania. Mother of wild boys, and wife of another. Blogging for another place to write about things that interest me and guide me. Also working on a novel and available for freelance copywriting in spare moments.

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