little gumboots, cake and spring twigs


This morning a twig was clipped for the long table and friends arrived for a ‘morning to afternoon tea’.  Its been done before, it will be done again.  Some things change.  It will be the final time for these little gumboots treading all about the green lawn, filling the bird bath with flowers and swinging from ropes off the cherry blossom at Fists Lane.  Some things never change.  Well baked chunks of chocolate cake, coffee grinds and loud noises.  Wild children with energy to burn and imaginations born of fresh environments and familiar faces.  Interrupted chatting will remain between mothers that have bound close along the while, with little ones grown in the same time and shared sleep patterns.  In celebration of many fine Fists Lane moments in company of friends.  These are bolder memories of early motherhood, having been shared.




Author: Lucy Taylor

Explorer of writing and place, with roots in the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania. Mother of wild boys, and wife of another. Blogging for another place to write about things that interest me and guide me. Also working on a novel and available for freelance copywriting in spare moments.

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