how to get intimate with plants

A couple of years ago I received a gardening guide as a gift; “The Virgin Gardener” teased the busty brunette, author Laetita Maklouf on the cover.  Immediately it became apparent that this chick is the ‘Nigella’ of the gardening world, hailing from those parts with good looks and a green thumb.  Take for example her sweet murmurings about cherry tomatoes in her “eat” section.  Think summer for a moment…

titillating cherry tomatoes
titillating cherry tomatoes
garden guru/ minx
garden guru/ minx

“Eat them, one by one, as they ripen, bearing in mind that you do not have to share”.

“One perfect mouthful, one slow squeeze… one sweet explosion inside the mouth”.

Bring on the season for cherry tomatoes, baby!  On the coast right now, its beyond the dead part of winter; the soil is sodden, plants are pared back to bark and pot plants that have survived the frosts grow upon moss floors. If you look closely around your patch you might just be beginning to notice some unfurling green buds and the first sprinkles of blossom on fruit trees. The swallows have built a new nest in our porch, away from the wild showers and windy weather we’ve been having this August. There is the promise of a season finally turning and today the sun has turned on it’s warm shine.

2013-07-20 10.16.46
I’m going to get dirty in here.

So, that’s why I picked up this book again, flicking through for some Spring garden inspiration.  Some preparation for summer crops.  With the newly acquired ownership of an established garden up on the hill, I’m more excited than ever to see how this new season creeps into view. What has been hibernating through the colder months at our new place, stripped to it’s bones will soon be revealed. My new patch is at it’s core English cottage garden with boxed hedges and a rose bed (and the rest). It is virgin territory for these garden mitts!



Author: Lucy Taylor

Explorer of writing and place, with roots in the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania. Mother of wild boys, and wife of another. Blogging for another place to write about things that interest me and guide me. Also working on a novel and available for freelance copywriting in spare moments.

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